National Institute of Standards and Technology Intellectual Property Webinar Series 2012-2013

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) participated in a series of Intellectual Property Webinars hosted by the National Council for Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer (NCET2).  The webinar series seeks to bridge the knowledge gap on intellectual property law issues between the U.S. Government and various stakeholders.  This webinar program provides an opportunity to understand and retain best practices as well as gain access to a comprehensive and holistic viewpoint on why intellectual property law is such an important economic tool. 

Webinar recordings and slides are archived and can be accessed on the NIST IP Webinar Series website or by clicking on the topic below.


USPTO Patents for Humanity Program: Explanation of new pilot program that creates business incentives for those who bring life-saving technologies to people in need.  May 9, 2012.

Patents 101 Topics: Overview of the patent process with examination of each of the statutory requirements for patentability: useful, novel, non-obvious, enabling, and acceptable patentable subject matter.  June 13, 2012.

Securing a Patent and AIA Implementation Topics:Inventorship, assignee rights, provisional vs non-provisional patents, grace period; Summary of AIA implementation.  July 11, 2012.

Intellectual Property, Non-Patent Topics: Trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights. August 8, 2012.

Researcher’s Life After Invention Disclosure Topics:Working with university TTOs, agreements, within the context of the America Invents Act. September 12, 2012.

Working with a Patent Attorney/Agent and USPTO Topics: Working with the right TT Officer and law firm, addressing the documents needed for a proper application submission, drafting proper specification/drawings/claims, effective use of interview, understanding a final and non-final rejection. October 10, 2012

Patent Trial and Appeal Board Topics: Post-final rejection, post-grant review, appeal process, inter partes re-exam. November 14, 2012.

Protecting IP in Global Markets: Understanding a PCT, international issues on IP procurement, markets and competitors. December 12, 2012.

Picking the Right Global Markets Topics: To where and how do I export? What programs are out there to help? January 30, 2013.

Who Really Owns the Intellectual Property? Understand the rights around intellectual property ownership. From the traditional contract agreements where an inventor assigns their rights to the company they work for, to the ownership rights that come about at a university via invocation of Bayh-Dole when federal funding for the research and development of the technology is involved. March 27, 2013.

Trademarks and CopyrightsDive deeper into issues around Trade Secrets, Trademarks, and Copyrights. Learn how these other forms of intellectual property fit in the technology development ecosystem and prove to be useful tools in maintaining a distinct and competitive advantage over competitors. April 24, 2013.

The 411 on Do It Yourself Patenting: Given the high costs around intellectual property procurement this webinar is focused on providing some basic tools of the trade when pursuing DIY intellectual property protection. Hear from experienced individuals who have endeavored in the art of “Pro Se” and learn when to seek the guidance and help of legal expertise.  July 31, 2013.

Understanding the Patent Cooperation Treaty and Patent Prosecution Highway:  When thinking global while acting local, how does one figure out a good time chase after intellectual property outside the US? This webinar discusses all issues international around IP and giving you best advice on when looking overseas with your property rights.  August 28, 2013.

How Much is your Intellectual Property Really Worth?:  So you successfully got that Patent, Copyright, and/or Trademark, now how much is that IP truly worth? Hear from experienced professionals on the true value of your IP and how much it is worth from both ROI and NPV viewpoints.  October 23, 2013.

Patent Prosecution in a Post-AIA World: Now that AIA is fully in effect what does patent procurement look like and what are my options as an inventor and/or entrepreneur? Specific topics include: first inventor to file changes; micro-entity status and other fee changes; new oath or declaration requirements; the pro bono program; and the small business patent ombudsman. As well discussing the changes and strategies for getting the most out of patent applications, from the types of filings one can pursue to understanding pre vs. post issue challenges of patent applications. November 20, 2013.

The Mechanics of University and Federal Lab Licensing Agreements:  The focus of this particular webinar session is to look at a deeper dive of best practices on IP Procurement from thought leaders in the Technology Transfer space. Specific topics to be addressed include understanding assignee rights, contractual obligations, examples of successful licensee arrangements, and government metrics.  December 20, 2013.