Report Infringment at an Online Retailer or Marketplace

This page includes information on intellectual property policies and infringement reporting mechanisms at a number of popular online retailers and marketplaces.  Click on the names below to access links to each site's resources.



Alibaba's program for infringing content review, AliProtect, has very specific steps for right holders, as outlined in this flow-chart:  Note that you must be a registered user on Alibaba to submit a claim.

Click here to report infringement on Alibaba


Amazon only offers remedies for copyright holders.  If a copyright holder believes there is infringing content on Amazon’s site, then they are requested to submit certain pieces of information to Amazon.  Amazon will then, if deemed necessary, launch an investigation.

Click here for information about Amazon's copyright complaint process

Click here for Amazon's copyright complaint form


eBay requires right holders to register as a VeRO member before being able to report infringing content.

Click here to learn more about eBay's Verified Rights Owner Program

Click here to report suspected infringing content


Etsy has a dedicated agent for dealing with intellectual property infringement notifications and procedures.  Once a complaint is made, Etsy will investigate and either take down the offending listing, block access to it, or disable the associated account.

Click here for Etsy’s IP policies and guide to reporting infringement


Facebook provides information for its users, as well as a form to report infringement.

Click here for basic intellectual property information

Click here for copyright infringement information

Click here for trademark infringement information

Click here to report infringement


Pinterest: If a right holder believes their copyright or trademark rights are being infringed by content on Pinterest, then they are able to either complete the DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement (example provided on website; copyright infringement only) or submit an online form.

Click here for Pinterest's copyright complaint information and form

Click here for Pinterest's trademark complaint information and form


TaoBao provides an English-language page dealing with intellectual property infringement, linked below.  This page gives a detailed account of the steps necessary for a rights holder to report potentially infringing material on the site.  Although Taobao normally only accepts complaints through their Chinese-language online reporting system, the company does make exceptions for overseas small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and will accept email complaints in English or a complaint filed through the company’s SME website. 

Click here to access TaoBao's guide for reporting infringement

Click here to access TaoBao's SME reporting website