STOPfakes Roadshows

One day seminars given by IPR experts, bringing together U.S. government tools and assistance to small and medium sized businesses across America.

About Roadshows

STOPfakes Roadshows are returning! Roadshows deliver critically important information about intellectual property to audiences that need it most -- start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and inventors. The information is presented by experts from multiple government agencies whose missions advance stakeholders' intellectual property interests. Participants will receive information on a range of topics, including identifying and protecting the various intellectual property assets; mechanisms for obtaining IP protection in overseas markets; strategies for determining where to seek protection; and the value of copyright and trade secrets protection to their businesses. Presentations will also address how to combat counterfeits on international e-commerce sites and what additional government resources are available to help U.S. business bolster intellectual property protections. 

Some shows will feature on-site help with the copyright registration process and with recording marks with Customs to exclude counterfeit goods from entering the United States.  Participants will also have opportunities to meet one-on-one with the presenters to discuss intellectual property issues of primary concern.  In short, participants will learn information vital to competing in an increasingly global environment.

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Upcoming Roadshows

Please join us for our next live and in person STOPfakes Roadshows:

September 10, 2024:

San Jose, California
USPTO Silicon Valley Regional Office
26 S. Fourth Street
San Jose, CA

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As we return to our ongoing STOPfakes Roadshow program, information about past Roadshows will be posted here.