STOPfakes Roadshows

One day seminars given by IPR experts, bringing together U.S. government tools and assistance to small and medium sized businesses across America.

About Roadshows Roadshows deliver critically important information about intellectual property to audiences that need it most -- start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and inventors. The information is presented by experts from multiple government agencies whose missions advance stakeholders' intellectual property interests. Participants will receive information on a range of topics, including identifying and protecting the various intellectual property assets; mechanisms for obtaining IP protection in overseas markets; strategies for determining where to seek protection; and the value of copyright and trade secrets protection to their businesses. Presentations will also address how to combat counterfeits on international e-commerce sites and what additional government resources are available to help U.S. business bolster intellectual property protections. 

Some shows will feature on-site help with the copyright registration process and with recording marks with Customs to exclude counterfeit goods from entering the United States.  Participants will also have opportunities to meet one-on-one with the presenters to discuss intellectual property issues of primary concern.  In short, participants will learn information vital to competing in an increasingly global environment.

The STOPfakes Roadshow is shifting to virtual content and will resume in-person roadshows when it is practical to do so.  The content will be available to the public via webinar, so you will be able to see the presenters and follow along with their presentation.  Questions from the participants will be accepted by email and answered in writing.  The Q&As will be posted online at  Check back for coming dates and topics or follow us on Twitter to be the first to know!

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Upcoming Webinars

The links to join the webinars will become active approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Registration is simple and takes less than 30 seconds.

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Title:  Protecting Consumers and American Indian and Alaska Native (Indian) Artists, Economies, and Culture from Counterfeit Indian Products (Approx. 30-40mins)

Date / Time:  December 3 @ 3pm EST

Summary:  This presentation will provide information about the importance of authentic Indian art as a true American treasure, and the U.S. Department of the Interior’s (DOI) unique role in protecting Indian artists and consumers through enforcement of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA).  The IACA is a truth-in-marketing law that provides both criminal and civil penalties.  Under the IACA, it is illegal to market an art or craft product as Indian made, or the product of a particular Indian tribe, unless it is made by an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe or an officially State recognized tribe, or by a certified Indian artisan of a federally or officially State recognized tribe.  DOI’s Indian Arts and Crafts Board and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Office of Law Enforcement have partnered together to enforce the IACA through robust collaborations, investigations, and prosecutions.  Representatives of both agencies will discuss the scope of the IACA, IACA cases, and consumer tips for those in the market for authentic Indian art.
Presenters:  Meridith Stanton, Director, Indian Arts and Crafts Board
                        Ken Van Wey, Program Specialist, Indian Arts and Crafts Board
                        Phillip Land, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Agency:  U.S. Department of the Interior

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Toll Free Audio:  800-593-9921   
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Title:  Intellectual Property Protection Best Practices from an Entrepreneur (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time:  October 27@12pm EDT

Summary: Concord Supply is a minority business enterprise that built a successful business through the strategic use of intellectual property.  Join us for an interview of the company’s president and CEO who will share his lessons learned and some best practices as it relates to the effective use of intellectual property. 

Interviewer:  Gabriela Morales, Minority Business Development Agency 
Interviewee:  Victor Quinones, Concord Supply, President & CEO

Agency: Department of Commerce

Q&A: Q&A Library

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Toll Free Audio:  800-593-9921   
Participant Passcode: 3804818

Title: Trade Secret Theft: Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time: October 20 @ 12pm EDT

Summary: Join us to learn more about trade secret theft prosecutions. We will discuss the relevant statute (the Economic Espionage Act of 1996), how DOJ prosecutes these offenses, and a brief case study.

Presenter: Matt Walczewski, Senior Counsel, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, Criminal Division

Agency: Department of Justice

Q&A:  Q&A Library

Past Webinars

Title: Partnering with CBP for IPR Border Enforcement: Recording Trademarks and Copyrights with CBP (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time: August 25@12pm EDT

Summary: Trade in counterfeit and pirated goods threatens America’s innovative economy, the competitiveness of our businesses, the livelihoods of U.S. workers, and, in some cases, national security and the health and safety of consumers. Protecting consumers and the securing the supply chain against this threat requires close public-private sector collaboration and cooperation. To that end, there are several programs available to the trade community and intellectual property rights owners to partner with CBP in protecting their intellectual property rights and facilitate legitimate trade, beginning with e-Recordation. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has the authority to detain, seize, forfeit, and ultimately destroy merchandise seeking entry into the United States if it bears an infringing trademark or copyright that has been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO), and has subsequently been recorded with CBP through the e-Recordation program. The Intellectual Property Rights Branch of the Regulations & Rulings Directorate consists of attorney-advisors and paralegals that administer CBP’s e-Recordation Program, adjudicate administrative petitions for relief, issue binding rulings, and provide pre-seizure advice to CBP personnel at all ports of entry as to whether imported merchandise infringes an intellectual property right. An attorney-advisor from the IPR Branch will provide an overview of CBP’s IPR enforcement regime, the trademark and copyright e-Recordation procedure, and all programs available to the trade community and CBP recordation holders to obtain enhanced border enforcement of their intellectual property rights.

Presenter: Alaina van Horn, Chief, Intellectual Property Rights Branch, Regulations & Rulings, Office of Trade

Agency: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, DHS

Title: Copyright and Your Business's Creative Works:  How Copyright Impacts You (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time: September 1@12pm EDT

Summary: Build your copyright toolkit with the fundamentals of copyright law that you need to know in your business. Learn about the difference between intellectual property systems, eligibility requirements for copyright protection, lawful use, and the benefits and how-to’s of registration.

Presenter: Whitney Levandusky, Attorney-Advisor, Office of Public Information and Education

Agency: U.S. Copyright Office

Title: Copyright Infringement: Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time: September 3@3pm EDT

Summary: Join us to learn more about criminal copyright infringement through case studies. We will discuss the relevant statutes, investigatory techniques, best practices, and sentencing issues, including forfeiture and restitution, all through the lens of actual cases.

Presenter: Ryan K.J. Dickey, Senior Counsel, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, Criminal Division

Agency: U.S. Department of Justice

Title: Trademark Basics: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time: September 8@12pm EDT

Summary: Join Jason Lott from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a discussion about what all entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups should know about trademarks. We will discuss how trademarks, copyrights, and patents differ, as well as the benefits of federal trademark registration. We will also talk about why it is so important for any new business to select a trademark that is both federally registrable and legally protectable. And if you think you would like to have an attorney help you with your trademark application, but are worried you cannot afford it, we will explore several options for free and reduced-price legal services.

Presenter: Jason Lott, Attorney-Advisor, Trademark Educational Outreach

Agency: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Title: Patent Basics and USPTO Resources: What Every Small Business Should Know When Developing their Business Plan and Moving Forward (Appx. 45 minutes)

Date/Time: September 10@3pm EDT

Summary: Intellectual property (IP) can be a valuable business asset no matter what type or size of business. Businesses should be cognizant of protecting their IP from the onset of making an initial business plan and throughout the life of the business. Whether through patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, a business can profit from the ownership and use of its IP portfolio.  Patents oftentimes are an integral part of this IP portfolio.  Join Elizabeth Dougherty from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a discussion about what all entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups should know about patents. Learn what is a patent, types of U.S. patents, and the role and importance of patents in protecting inventions.  The discussion will additionally address the patent filing and prosecution process as well as identify USPTO resources for assisting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups. Important to note, many of these resources are free!

Presenter: Elizabeth L. Dougherty, Eastern Regional Outreach Director

Agency: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Title: Protecting Your Company's Trade Secrets (Appx. 30 – 45 minutes)

Date/Time: September 15@12pm EDT

Summary: This presentation will give an overview of the FBI's role in investigating intellectual property rights crimes, with a focus on the theft of trade secrets. Participants will:  Learn how the FBI investigates criminal theft of trade secrets matters; Learn how to protect their company’s trade secrets; Learn what to do if they are a victim of trade secret theft; and hear the stories of actual FBI theft of trade secrets cases.

Presenter: Eric Proudfoot, Supervisory Special Agent

Agency: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Title: Protecting U.S. Intellectual Property Overseas (Appx. 30–45 minutes)

Date/Time: September 24@3pm EDT

Summary: If you are thinking of expanding your markets overseas, you need to be sure that your ideas, processes, and techniques are protected. The State Department Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement (IPE) leads the Department’s efforts to protect American intellectual property (IP) overseas, promoting the economic benefits of IPR globally, and improving foreign country enforcement capabilities. The State Department has 1200 officers working in Washington, DC and around the world to help you understand the local landscape and business practices. We work directly with local and national governments. We can be your eyes on the ground as you investigate foreign markets. We also work with our partner U.S. government agencies to advocate for U.S. innovators rights, stop counterfeits, and improve foreign country intellectual property enforcement regimes. Our presentation gives you a sense of the work that we do for American innovators and will provide key resources that you can use to find out more about the intellectual property rights regimes in countries around the world. Our presentation explains what these reports are and why they should be consulted. Another State Department initiative is the Direct Line to American Business webinar program, which connects U.S.  businesses to U.S. Ambassadors and economic and commercial experts overseas to provide actionable market intelligence. IPE will provide contact information to enable those with international IP issues to find the right sources to help solve IP problems overseas.

Presenter: Tarek Fahmy, Director, Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement

Agency: U.S. Department of State