Provides references to the principal business associations, indicating which accept U.S. companies. Describes the primary roles of those associations and to what extent they influence government actions.
Last Published: 7/30/2019

Market Research Firms
The Nielsen Company Ltd.                   
Ipsos China Ltd.                                    
United Research China                         

Principal Business Associations

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
1 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing 100860, China
Chairman: Jiang Zengwei 
Tel: (86 10) 8807- 5650
China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
3/F, Chuang Jing Tower, No.38 South Shouti Road,
Haidian District, Beijing
President: Shang Fushan
Tel: (86 10) 5889-2027
China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI)
2/F, Building3, #28 Donghouxiang, Andingmenwai Dajie, Beijing, China
President: Chen Deming
Tel: (86 10) 6451-6903
China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
#46, Dongsixi Dajie, Beijing, China
Chairman: Gao Xiangming
Tel: (86 10) 6513-3322-1331 

China Associations of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM)
15/F, Block A, Huirong Building, 106 Lianhuachi E. Rd, Xicheng District, Beijing
Chairman: Zhu Yanfeng
Tel: (86 10) 6397-9900
All China Fedeation of Industry and Commerce
#70, Deshengmenxi Dajie, Beijing, China
Chairman: Gao Yunlong
Tel: (86 10) 5805-0500
American Chambers of Commerce/Trade Associations
All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
70 Deshengmen Xidajie, Beijing 100035, China
Chairman: Gao Yunlong
Tel: (86 10) 5805-0738
American States Association in China
F5, B Block Jiajingtiancheng Mansion
A2 Zhonghuan Nanlu, Wangjing Beijing 100102, China
Tel: (86-10) 8472-1382
Fax: (86-10 8472-1210

Association for Manufacturing Technology
Rm. 2507 Silver Tower 2 Dongsanhuan North Road
Chaoyang Distrjing 100027, China
Chief Representative: Li Xingbin
Tel: (86 10) 6410-7374/7375
American Chamber of Commerce China
Floor 3, Gate 4, Pacific Century Place
2A Workers' Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027
President: Alan Beebe
Tel: (86 10) 8519-0800
Fax: (86 10) 8519-0899
American Soybean Association
Suite 1016, ChinaWorld Tower 1
Beijing 100004, China
Tel: (86 10) 6505-1830
Council of American States in China (CASIC)
Room 807-811
No.399 Nanjing West Road Shanghai, China
Tel: (86 21) 2308-1188
Fax: (86 21) 2308-1199
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)
Suite 501, China Resources Building
8 Jianguomenbei Avenue
Beijing 100005, China
Tel: (86 10) 8519-1566
U.S.-China Business Council
CITIC Building, Room 10-01
19 JianguomenWaidajie Beijing 100004, China
President: Craig Allen
Tel: (86 10) 6592-0727
Fax: (86 10) 6512-5854

U.S. Grains Council
ChinaWorld Tower 1, Room 1010C
1 JianguomenWaidajie, Beijing 100004, China
Tel: (86 10) 6505-1314, 6505-2320
United States Information Technology Office (USITO)
Suite 1104, 11th Floor,
Sun Palace Building No. 12
Taiyanggong Middle Road Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028 PRC
Tel: (86 10) 8429-9070
Fax: (86 10) 8429-9075

U.S. Wheat Associates
Room 1009, 10th Floor
China World Office 1
No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue
Beijing 100004, China
Tel: (86 10) 6505-3866
China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI)
Room 1101, Building No.18,Jianwai SOHO, No.39 Middle Dongsanhuan Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing
President: Zhao Yixin
Tel: (86 10) 6549-9320
China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA)
No.27 Wanshou Rd.
Haidan District, Beijing 100846
Chairman: Jiang Shangzhou
Tel: (86 10) 6820-7449

China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA)
Electronics Building, No. 27 Wanshou Road,
Haidian District, Beijing 100886
President: Jifan Gao
Tel: (86 10) 6820-0513
China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association
Room 208, Building A, 49 Fuxing Road,
Haidan District, Beijing 100036
Tel: (86 10) 6886-0519

China Software Industry Association
4th Floor, Building A, Zhongsoft Building, No. 55 Xueyuan South Road,
Haidian District, Beijing 100081
Tel: ( 86 10) 6211-8505
There are also Chinese associatons for almost every industry and profession – far too many to list here – and those associations often play an important role in setting standards and regulating the market.  U.S. exporters should learn which industry associations are active in their area of business.  
For a list of the top industry associations in China please visit:

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China Trade Associations