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Last Published: 7/24/2017

The national currency in DRC, the Congolese Franc (CDF), was created in 1997, replacing the Zaïre, the currency used by the country under the rule of Mobutu Sese Seko.  The country is highly dollarized, and U.S. dollars are accepted as cash alongside the CDF for virtually all transactions.

The BCC is responsible for regulating foreign exchange and trade.  The DRC informal foreign exchange market is large and unregulated and has tended to offer exchange rates not widely dissimilar from the official rate, although the gap widened in 2016.  The DRC’s economy remains highly dollarized.  On September 25, 2014, the BCC enforced new foreign exchange regulations, which, inter alia, declared the Congolese Franc as the main currency in all exchange transactions within the DRC.  Payment of fees related to education, medical care, water and electricity consumption, residential rents, and federal taxes were mandated to be paid in CDF.  This requirement was relaxed, and with agreement of the parties involved and the appropriate monetary officials, exceptions may be applied.  Payments exceeding $10,000 must be executed within the banking system, unless there is no presence of banking entities. 

The largest banknote in circulation is the 20,000 CDF note (approximately $ 14).  Far more common are the 500 and 1000 CDF notes worth approximately $0.34 and 0.70 respectively.  U.S. banknotes printed after 2008 are readily accepted in virtually all transactions.  Banks provide accounts denominated in either currency.  In September 2013, the GDRC embarked on a process of “de-dollarizing” the economy by requiring that tax records be kept in CDF and tax payments from mining companies be paid in local currency.  In March 2016, however, the government required mining and oil companies to begin paying their customs fees and taxes in U.S. dollars.

  • Official Exchange rate (BCC): CDF1403= $1 (May 2017)
  • Unofficial Exchange rate: CD1403-1410 (May 2017)

Bills, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000 CDF
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Banque Centrale Congolaise

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