Last Published: 7/16/2016

The United States is a member of INTERPOL, a global police organization with 182 member countries, which facilitates cross-border police cooperation to prevent or combat crime, including intellectual property crimes. The organization's efforts to combat intellectual property-related crimes makes INTERPOL a key partner in helping U.S. companies protect their intellectual property rights abroad.

Turn Back Crime Campaign

Turn Back Crime, a global campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of organized crime and its impact on everyday life. Using a variety of media channels, the campaign provides information on how to stay safe and encourages private businesses, government agencies, and the general public to play an active role in the fight against organized criminal activity.

While many people are aware that criminal networks are behind the illicit trafficking of drugs, firearms, and even persons, they are often unaware of these network's ties to other, seemingly unrelated offenses such as the counterfeiting of commercial goods, cybercrime, fraud, child exploitation, and corruption in sport. Consequently, they are increasingly vulnerable to the threats being posed to their health by poor-quality, potentially life-threatening counterfeit medicines; to their financial security, from the theft of their personal data, and to their children's safety, through techniques such as online grooming. By creating a better understanding of these threats, Turn Back Crime empowers individuals to make informed choices that can not only increase their personal safety, but help deny illicit proceeds to criminal enterprises the world over – proceeds that in some instances support terrorist activity.

The initial topic for the campaign is that of illicit trade and the counterfeiting of commercial goods. Future topics will cover other crime areas such as cybercrime and border management. Visit the public face of this global initiative at for videos, news, and a communications platform on which tips, activities, and success stories from INTERPOL’s 190 member countries can be shared. In addition, the campaign can be followed on social media outlets that include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Two campaign hashtags have been developed that will provide a searchable link: #TurnBackCrime and #TogetherWeCan.

INTERPOL's Turn Back Crime Campaign Logo